Estudos de Música Instrumental, 1755-1840

O projecto científico “Estudos de Música Instrumental, 1755-1840”, enquadrado pela Unidade de Investigação de Música e Musicologia (UnIMeM) da Universidade de Évora com o apoio da Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, propõe-se estudar (a) fontes e fundos musicais, com consequente catalogação disponibilizada em base digital de acesso livre; (b) os reportórios; (c) a circulação da música e dos músicos; (d) a estrutura dos mercados da música e dos instrumentos em Portugal; (e) os diferentes contextos de apresentação da música instrumental.

Studies of instrumental Music, 1755 – 1840

The instrumental music during the Old Regime has suffered a partial or indirect study, given the greater importance of sacred music and opera in Portugal at this time, which absorbed the majority of musicological research upon this period. In present time, it is therefore urgent to study, in a systematic way, the field of instrumental music during this period. In what concerns the keyboard repertoire of the second half of the 18th Century, the inaccurate bibliographical description and absence of critical studies in Portuguese library and archives has raised some very important questions. In terms of printed keyboard music of this time, we have sources whose importance justifies his systematic study. The presence of instrumental music was also important, and documented in church, court and domestic contexts. We intend to study also the different contexts, repertoires and the process of transition to public concerts. We expect that this work will enrich our perception of Southern European Music History in what concerns reception and circulation of instrumental repertoires; composition and stylistic periodization; local and cosmopolitan models; the market of music and instruments; interpretation problems of peripheral repertoires, in the present.

© 2012 Luzia Rocha/Luís Henriques