Call for Papers

International Colloquium Instrumental Music in the Iberian World 1760-1820


Music Research Centres of the University of Évora (UnIMeM: Research Project “Studies in Instrumental Music 1755-1840”), the University of La Rioja (Research Group “Music in Spain in the Modern Age”) and the New University of Lisbon (FCSH/ INET-MD: Research Group “Cultural Studies in Historical Musicology”)


Call for Papers

The present Colloquim seeks to promote new perspectives into the circulation of repertories and musicians within the Iberian Peninsula and its former colonies in the period between 1760 and 1820, as well as the closer articulation of musicological studies with the most recent theoretical approaches of general historiography.

Keynote-speakers will be Prof. Thierry Favier (University of Poitiers), Prof. Rui Vieira Nery (New University of Lisbon – FCSH), Prof. Miguel Angel Marín (University of la Rioja) and Maestro Enrico Onofri.

The meeting will include the following research topics:

  • reception and circulation of instrumental genres between the Iberian Peninsula and its colonies at the end of the 18th century;
  • the music market, the commercial networks, the connection between publisher and printers, local repertories vs. international repertories;
  • composition and problems of periodization; local compositional traditions and European models; “Viennese” Classicism and “Iberian” Classicisms;
  • music interpretation in historical repertories; musical styles and performance pratice; incorporation of local repertories in the mainstream contemporary music scene.

Proposals for papers in English, Portuguese or Spanish may be admitted. Single-topic panels involving joint presentations by three of four authors may also be considered.

Applications should include:

  • paper abstract (ca. 300 words);
  • author’s institutional affiliation and short vita (ca. 150 words). Proposals for panel presentations should curricula of all authors involved;
  • description of audio-visual equipment required.

Abstracts should be sent to:

Deadline for submission of proposals: March 1, 2013
Deadline for notification of acceptance of proposals: March 15, 2013

  • Individual paper presentations (max. length: 20 minutes).
  • Panel presentations (max. length: 1 hour and 30 minutes).


  • Cristina Fernandes
  • Miguel Angel Marín
  • Rui Vieira Nery
  • Vanda de Sá